It is a form of hypnosis in which the client is responsible for his development and active!


It addresses to :

  • People who want to evolve, to realize their full potential in this life;

  • People who see themselves as responsible for their situation (regardless of age)

  • People who are willing to play an active role in their change process.


This is therefore a very complementary approach to hypnosis of coaching.

Who says evolutionary hypnosis says altered state of consciousness.


If you have never done hypnosis, know that altered states of consciousness are completely natural


On average, each person is in an altered state of consciousness every 90min (you are, for example, every time you have your eyes in the wave :)). A state of hypnosis is generally very pleasant to live in :). 


When you are in an altered state of consciousness, your mind calms down. You can then relax, take care of yourself, receive messages (from your unconscious, your higher self, your soul, your guides, according to your expectations and beliefs). . . 


Reassure yourself, you are always in control :) ! This is a far cry from show hypnosis. You can come out of your altered state of consciousness at any time if you wish. And you can even talk and interact with the practitioner while in an altered state of consciousness!


How is a course in evolutionary hypnosis ?


Before your first session, I will send you an audio to listen to if possible several times. This audio will allow you to prepare well for our.nos sessions, indeed it will accustom you to enter more easily in a modified state of consciousness.


During our first session, we will stay together about 1h30 (in hypnosis, always plan a wider time slot in your agenda to be serene.e). We’ll take a look at your situation, and then we’ll have a moment of hypnosis.

I will provide you with a personalized audio at the end of the session (or just after!) so you can continue to practice hypnosis at home. Yes, I told you that in evolutionary hypnosis the client practices between sessions and is responsible for its evolution (this is usually not the case in other forms of hypnosis). It’s a bit like coaching, I give homework to my clients!


During the following sessions, we will stay together about 1h (of course, plan again a wider time slot in your calendar). We’ll do a quick scan, then we’ll go into hypnosis, and I’ll get you a new audio!


Can I do hypnosis AND coaching


Of course, it was even a little my goal by training me both in evolutionary hypnosis and coaching.

Concretely, if you do coaching in parallel with hypnosis, we will spend more time digging your situation, your objectives, your blocking points in a "normal" state of consciousness, then we will strengthen your evolution process by integrating sessions of evolutionary hypnosis.  


The hypnosis sessions can take place at the same time as the coaching sessions. They can also take place at a distance from them. Again, it depends on your needs.


What type of problem can I work on in progressive hypnosis ?


Here is a non-exhaustive list of examples; for more information do not hesitate to consult me!








However ! for more severe disorders, evolutionary hypnosis is not the solution. For severe anxiety disorders, severe personality disorders (bipolarity, severe depression, etc.), or for the management of physical pain, we invite you to consult your doctor.


How much does it cost ?


Prices :

  • €90 for a 1h30 session - adapted for the first session or for a mixed session including hypnosis and coaching (70€ for students and job seekers)

  • €60 for a follow-up session of about 1 hour (€50 for students and job seekers).


Can I do my sessions online ?


Yes! The quarantine had positive aspects, it allowed me to validate that hypnosis, like coaching, can very well be practiced online! For an online session, the process is very simple: I send you a link for the session’s settlement and a link to join me at the scheduled time :)