I had the pleasure of coaching for a few months with Florine as part of a professional conversion project.

The various interviews with Florine allowed me to align my professional goals according to my personal expectations, to build an action plan and to debrief on each of the steps to adjust.

Her coaching helped me to prioritize, become aware of the progress made, brings out more clearly the coherence or not of some projects to concentrate my action.

I thank Florine for her listening, and her ability to quickly understand the issues and put them in perspective with my professional expectations.

J, 47 years old, former commercial director, entrepreneur 

I have just been recruited to lead a structure, a great challenge! I wanted to prepare myself for this new position. 

Florine helped me to take stock of my past and present experiences, and to define the most appropriate course of action for the future.

We should all be coached at some point in our lives, especially when we’re a manager or a leader because our way of being impacts an entire team.

K, 39 years old, leader of a company

Give me your e-mail or write at florineniant@hotmail.com to be kept informed of offers and upcoming workshops !

Florine helped me develop my self-esteem, especially at work. We were able to identify my strengths, my talents, and we also found parades and tools to counter my weaknesses. I am very grateful to him.

S, 42 years old, commercial manager

"My current job no longer suited me. I did a skills check-up a few years ago but I was a little disappointed by the result, it didn’t change anything. I came to see Florine to explore the possibilities and make a choice: accept my current professional situation and live it as best as possible, or carry out a conversion - without knowing what I would like."

T, 44 years old, optician


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