Life coaching


Personal development support

"My meeting with Florine was very enriching because it allowed me to ask myself questions that I hadn’t thought of and thus to make concrete progress in my personal reflection"

L, 31 years old

"Florine helped me to change my perspective, challenge my limiting beliefs and adopt an inspiring vision of life. With much patience and goodwill, it opens up horizons and broadens them considerably"

M, 36 years old


"Working with Florine was very pleasant, very emphatic. Her softness, her sense of listening was refreshing. Florine is a dynamic person with a thousand projects and knows how to transmit this energy. 

 Florine brings new solutions and ideas, and makes you wonder about what’s important to you in life".

V, 38 years old

Below are some topics that often come up when people come to me for personal coaching / life coaching or for personal development support … 

  • How can I gain confidence in myself ?

  • How do I manage my emotions and the thoughts that come to me ?

  • How to adopt a positive state of mind in the face of the difficulties, small or large, that present themselves on my way ?

  • How to really live "in consciousness" on a daily basis, to fully enjoy the present moment ?

  • How can I better organize myself in order to reconcile my professional activity and my passions, while being available for my loved ones ?

  • How do I find the right balance ?

  • How to adopt a healthy lifestyle, integrating physical activity and a balanced diet, while making me happy ?

  • How can I improve my interpersonal relationships (in my relationship / with my children / with certain members of my family…) ?

  • How to choose the right partner and build a fulfilling couple life over time

  • How do I raise my children to help them become free, independent and happy adults?

  • How can I simplify my life by becoming more minimalist and learning to tidy up ?

  • How can I behave better as a consumer or a citizen ?

  • How to accept the world as it is and change what I can change ?

  • And finally, how can I find the answer that suits me to the great existential questions that arise to me, about the meaning of life and about death ?


I talc about these topics on my Youtube channel :) 


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Do you recognize yourself in these questions ? You want to find answers for one or more of these questions - or for other questions from elsewhere ! - in order to lead a more harmonious, more balanced, healthier, more serene life ? All these questions, I also asked myself... Today, as a certified coach, I ask, I use tools, exercises that will allow you to find your own answers. My accompaniment can take the form of a life coaching or an accompaniment to personal development : 

Some practical information on life coaching and personal development support :


The appointments take place at my office in Tassin La Demi Lune, between 8am and 7pm (end of the last meeting), during the week, and more punctually, on Saturday mornings. I can also do Rdv’s by Skype if necessary!


Small clarification : I cannot accompany people with psychological or psychiatric disorders (depression, addictions, phobias...). If this is your case, I would like to help you, but I am not trained for it; and it is my responsibility to refer you instead to a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist specialized in these subjects! I hope you find a solution to your problems to be get well soon :)

Florine Niant coaching personnel Tassin.