Retraining coaching


You no longer feel at your place in your current work?

Are you thinking of changing it, or converting to do something completely different?

Would you like to reach your full potential at work?


Today’s world offers great freedom in professional choices. But fears can assail you. What if... you weren’t competent in this new job? What if... you made the wrong choice? What if... Are you no longer able to support yourself by doing what you like? What if... The company you are creating goes bankrupt?


Sometimes retraining, it’s "simply" moving from one job to another. It is "enough" then to define what you are looking for, to update your CV, to ensure the recruitment interviews, to finally succeed in managing this new job. 


Sometimes, to reconvert, is to put everything flat to rebuild everything. Change your activity, engage in several activities; become your own boss; start your business; get trained…


And sometimes personal challenges get in your way at the same time …


At the end of the road there is :

 - passion, because you love what you do and no longer see time at work

 - freedom, because you are no longer afraid to change and move forward

 - pride in learning, creating and developing something new success, and comfort, for you and for those around you


I took this path a few years ago, and I never regretted it. So I’m always very happy to coach people who venture there. It is in particular as a coach in professional reconversion, that I was selected by the magazine Marie Claire in its essential addresses - a favorite for its file "dare change". To read the article, it’s over there!

Retraining is a serious project that requires courage. And it can be interesting to have a coach walking next to you during this phase. If we do this coaching together, I will question you, I will help you to validate the project that corresponds to you, that it is realistic, I will help you to find the strength and the confidence necessary for the realization of your project! And sometimes I’ll just help you live your current situation better if it can’t be changed. 


For reconversion coaching, we will first take the time to explore your personality, your values, your needs, your talents. Then, we will identify the best options, and we will define the project that best suits you personally and professionally. The one that will allow you to achieve the balance that is so much sought after, the one that will allow you to be proud of what you are accomplishing, the one that will simply interest you! This project will also have to be positive for your close surroundings.


For retraining coaching, it is therefore ideal to provide support over time. We can adjust the frequency of the Rdv’s according to your needs : ideally, we will start by seeing each other once every 2 weeks, then we will continue with an appointment per month.

During the coaching, I will also be able to give strategy/ marketing/ communication advice to people who are self-employed or who create their business. Before becoming a coach, I worked 12 years in these fields, and I teach marketing today in several higher institutions (EM Lyon, marketing and communication schools, university…).


If you are a foreigner the conversion to a new country can sometimes be difficult and requires some time of adaptation. If you have just arrived in Lyon or its surroundings, do not hesitate to contact me to schedule coaching sessions that will be entirely in English!