Coaching of a manager or leader


Motivate, federate, supervise ... It is not always easy.


As a manager or executive, you may sometimes feel alone, overwhelmed by business or human difficulties …


You may feel the need to question your practices (and you are right, no one is perfect 

Finally, you may simply need to take a step back by talking with a support professional outside the company.


Here are a few questions I often meet when I perform leadership coaching or managerial coaching :


  • How can I be a good, inspiring leader who sets an example for his teams ?

  • How to become more assertive ?

  • How to manage a crisis situation ?

  • How can I improve my oral presentations ?

  • How can I progress in my knowledge ?

  • How do I manage my emotions, how do I express them ?

  • How can I improve my interpersonal relationships?

  • How to face the famous « solitude of the leader ? »

  • How to overcome the sense of imposture ?


Previously a marketing director, I very quickly had to assume management functions during my career and I am well aware of the business and human issues that companies regularly face. In addition, I have a "high potential" profile, which allows me to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company, and to help you take a step back and take height on the situations you are facing on a daily basis. 


Some of you may find that I am too young to accompany them! I would like to point out that a manager coaching or a leader coaching is not a mentoring program. A coach works in a "low position" which means he’s there to walk next to you, question you, not give you lessons. So he/she doesn’t necessarily have to be older than you, or more experienced in the function you occupy. When you perform a management coaching or a leadership coaching, you must above all feel confident with the person who accompanies you, so I advise you to meet me, to exchange with me then to listen to your intuition and to see what I bring you - or what you miss! The managers I coach are generally very satisfied with our collaboration and exchanges, regardless of their age and level of experience. 


I was born in the early 80’s, which means that I am a "generation Y" or a "Xennial" (generation between generation X and generation Y). In addition, I regularly intervene in higher education institutions, which allows me to share generation Z! These generations Y and Z have a very different vision of work, and it’s not so simple to federate young teams. I think I can help you with that if you’re faced with that.


I also studied "liberated" companies a lot - I even almost started a thesis on this topic. If the subject questions you, intrigues you, if you plan to go a little (or a lot!) in this direction, if you want to set up more telework in your company, do not hesitate to call on me for a coaching manager or leader.


Executive or managerial coaching can be done at my office in Tassin-La-Demi-Lune, or within your company. I invite you to contact me so that we define together the methods of operation most adapted to you and your situation!


Managers and human resources professionals, you can also offer support to some of your employees.


If you are an expatriate/foreigner I am particularly able to help you better understand how to manage a team in a French company, and finally how to adapt to the functioning of the French at work. The sessions will be entirely in English !


My prices for manager coaching or executive coaching are in line with market standards; but may vary depending on your profile (level of position, coaching at the session or in the form of a package, partial or total support by your company, support of several people in a company...), also, I invite you to contact me by email or by such ( / 06 02 71 91 27) to tell me about your project and your situation!

Florine Niant coaching professionnel Tas