Students and college students coaching


Today, everything (or in any case a lot...) is played between 16 and 23 years…


In first grade and senior year, you have to work actively, to have a good record and maximize your chances of following the right path. You also have to make the right choices, and for that, you must already know yourself well!


Then, during college studies, you have to continue to work well, to access some schools, or some masters. It is necessary to gain autonomy, to learn to organize, to hang on, to manage its stress, to keep a healthy lifestyle, to fight against procrastination, to grow in maturity, to no longer feel too intimidated in front of adults... In short, a whole world!


Asked questions when I perform a youth or student coaching :


  • How can we gain self-confidence, self-esteem, study or interpersonal skills?

  • How can I improve my oral presentations?

  • How can I organize better, be more efficient, say goodbye to procrastination, become more punctual?

  • How can I maximize my chances of success?

  • How to apply and interview for an internship or a first job?

  • How can I reorient myself when I have not made the right choice of studies?


Coaching young people and students is something that is particularly important to me. High school students, students, you should all have the chance to be accompanied during these crucial and decisive phases for your future. I myself did not enjoy this luxury at the time, and I did not always make the right choices! Moreover, when I was a high school student, I worked very well, but I was very reserved, I lacked self-confidence. This is something that I could completely overcome now, but if I could have benefited from a young/student coaching, it would probably have been much faster. 


Why am I particularly legitimate in coaching students and young people? Simply because I work very regularly with them ! Indeed, I have my coaching firm, and in parallel, I run workshops/ I teach at the university and in higher institutions. So I see young people and students on a daily basis, and I’m very familiar with the work they do and the challenges they face. I did a whole study on students in 2019. And I sometimes notice that some of you didn’t choose the right path.


That others among you let go, release easily, procrastinate, do everything at the last minute, because they don’t know how to organize. But also and above all, that many young people like you have difficulties seeing the purpose of their studies, know very little about the world of work, and therefore badly lack a clear professional project and motivation to succeed. You can find some tips given to students on my blog, in my series of articles "at the university". To see them, follow the link below

So, are you a high school student or a college student and wondering about your future? Are you looking to progress?


Are you a parent or a relative of a young person or a student, and you want to give them the chance to be accompanied during this crucial period, which will determine many things for their future life?

I would be happy to walk with you, with him, for as long as it takes. In some cases, one or two sessions will be enough to unlock things. In other cases, support will have to be provided in the long term. My rates for young people and students are as accessible as possible, because I know that their budget is often tight (but I have to live it as well as you understand!). The price of 1 hour sessions for students is set at 50€.


If you are foreign student, I also give sessions in English, and I would be very happy to help you build your future and maximize your chances to succeed in a great French university ! or/and of following the right path :)