Organization, responsibilities, telework, meetings, schedules, travel... Do you want to change the way your business operates? I can bring you in that direction!

Leaders, managers, HRD, call me for :

- Conducting your internal studies (quantitative surveys)

As an expert in ad-hoc studies, I teach them in the largest business schools in Lyon and around. Passionate about issues of satisfaction, commitment and well-being at work, I designed an internal quantitative study that I validated with managers and managers. On this base, usable for all companies, we can add custom questions, so that the study is completely adapted to your needs.

You no longer have to ask yourself questions for the implementation of your internal study: I create the questionnaire and validate it with you/ I administer it with your collaborators/ I analyze the results and I present them to you, with my recommendations.


By going through an external provider for your internal study, you also reassure your employees: their anonymity will be perfectly respected.

 - The creation of co-creation focus groups

At the end of the survey (or from the start for a small company, for which a quantitative survey is not appropriate), I can animate focus groups for your company, in order to understand the human issues in your company more in-depth and/or co-create the future with the participation of your employees.

 - Support for your employees

Finally, I can offer individual support to some of your employees according to their needs.

Whatever your need, sign me to take a telephone appointment (06 02 71 91 27) or by video call with me, I will be happy to accompany you in the "human" evolution of your company!