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ESSEC - Haute Ecole de Coaching - IIHS

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A little overview of my journey :


I start my studies by a preparatory course/engineering school then I continue in a large business school. I obtained the 2 diplomas in 2005. I started my career in Marketing where I held 10 years of positions of responsibility.


These positions interest me intellectually, but I get bored quickly, and I lack sense and freedom! 

In parallel, my life evolves and I live, like all, happy moments (birth of my children, projects, travels, friendships...), but also painful (mourning, separation…). 


I’m starting to have a passion for personal development. I am interested in all kinds of problems, related to both professional and personal life (everything is linked…)


After a lot of thinking and reading, after coaching myself, after starting coaching people around me, I wanted to make it my life and my activity and I professionalized my approach by following a training at the High School of Coaching.


I also trained in hypnosis: I am now a practitioner in evolutionary hypnosis, a discipline completely complementary to coaching.


For some years now, I have been accompanying men and women who want to move towards a life and a work that suits them, in which they find joy, meaning, and that gives them a good self-esteem. I also support organizations that seek to reinvent themselves, by offering them internal studies (therefore with their collaborators) and support.


Each person is unique. Each organization is unique. So, I help people and organizations to get out of their, sometimes, too rigid frames and re-design themselves to measure for more well-being and efficiency!

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My cabinet is located in Tassin (around Lyon). I may also be required to work in companies or higher education institutions. You can contact me by email, phone, message, or via the contact form below. 

Florine Niant

37 chemin de la Pomme,

69160 Tassin La Demi Lune

Phone: +33 6 02 71 91 27

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